Friday, December 24, 2010

For Sale: New Dior Makeup Palette SOLD

Remember this post?

Well, rezeki murah lepas post tuh got another make up set so I've decided to trade off this one. I've used it once the eye shadow and also lil bit of the face powder. So there's a lil stain on the small whitish pad other than that its as good as new. The brush I didnt used at all and the mascara, blusher also never touch.

I've bought it at RM280 but I am letting it go at RM250 and its free shipping.

I will post with its original box too.

So sapa mau sila lah email or leave ur comment ok.

Note: 1)  white padded ada lil stain 2) eye shadow purple lower belah kanan ada sikit digunakan.

others all as good as it is.

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