Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jet n Jonah is officially ON SALE

I've promoted the book written by Ika last 2 weeks if I am not mistaken.

And it made its debut already yesterday. Sesiapa mahu order boleh saja email pada ika.madera@gmail.com juga ya? Boleh include autograph sekali. Isnt that great.

Some  excerpt of the first chapter of jet n Jonah

Well, i cried reading Ika's credit here.:P and yes these picture i bet resembles Jet n Jonah very well.

I may be biased but if u read Jet n Jonah u will understand. So grab yours now by emailing ika.madera@gmail.com its less than RM25 to get yourself curled up for a good book on such a gloomy day and imagining London as your background. Thats all folks..