Friday, April 23, 2010

Beading Chiffon for April HOT STOCK

Made by 100% Pure Chiffon Silk. Need lining and cannot machine wash. Usually the retail price is RM90 per meter, I'm only selling at RM50 per meter. Dry clean only. 4 meter .This is our most beautiful and hottest collection

Shipping RM10/each and additional RM3/each piece

BCD 141

BCD 142

BCD 143

BCD 144

BCD 145

BCD 146

BCD 147

BCD 148

BCD 150

BCD 152

BCD 153

BCD 154

BCD 155

BCD 157
**3.6M for RM150**

BCD 158


Anonymous said...

This will astonish you!
Please see before you judge!


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sutera maya design said...

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sutera maya design said...
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yus said...

kak, kain ni jarang tak?