Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Beading Chiffon - ALL SOLD OUT

Shipment RM5 + RM3 for additional items

Made by 100% Pure Chiffon Silk, this beading chiffon is definitely suitable to wear during hari raya, wedding ceremony and dinner. Comes with beautiful pattern and coloured diamond beads...some of it comes with sparkling effects...very very unique and elegant...Need lining and cannot machine wash. Usually the retail price is RM90 per meter, I\'m only selling at RM50 per meter. Dry clean only. 4 meter .This is our most beautiful and hottest collection....Grab it! Our previous customer were always saying that this material looks nicer in real life than the picture. =)

BCD 123

BCD 125

BCD 126

BCD 127

BCD 128

BCD 129

BCD 130

BCD 127

Monday, December 21, 2009

Japanese Cotton Year End Collection - SOLD OUT (INQUIRE FOR RESTOCK)

Price RM100
Shipment RM5 + RM 3 for each additional Items (applicable to Semenanjung Malaysia)
Other areas email for shipment rate
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Normal 45' 4metres

JC 282

JC 280

JC 285

JC 284

JC 283

JC 289

JC 286

JC 290

JC 291

Japanese Cotton Kids or mommies Year End Collection

JC 292

Normal 45"width, 2Meter (1+1M), Liberty Cotton Japan

JC 293

Normal 45"width, 2Meter (1+1M), Liberty Cotton Japan.

Normal 45"width, 2.5Meter (1.25+1.25M), Liberty Cotton Japan

Shipment is RM5 (KL & Selangor ) for 1 piece. RM3 for additional piece.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Lingeries Galore

Ladies, incase you're interested, checkout for lovely selections of lingeries and undies!