Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Tie Rack from Autumn season...

More tie rack scarves everybody!!
I have more selection of Tie-Rack from Autumn Season for sale (square and oblong).....

I offer reasonable price for new and returning customers:
Price -- RM55 Per Piece
Postage for 1 piece --RM20
Postage for 2 pieces --RM15
Postage for 3 pieces --RM10

Postage for the scarves - using Normal Airmail with no tracking number. Let me know if you would like me to use other postage services i.e. with tracking number and insured :)

TR9 - 2 PIECES (1pcs booked for Busu)

TR10  sold to shihani

TR11 - 2 PIECES  (1pcs booked for Busu)


TR13  (booked for Busu)


TR15 (booked for Busu)

TR16 (booked for Busu)


TR18  (sold..)