Monday, August 24, 2009


1) Custom big size 1.3kg going at RM60 (as picture above)
2) The medium size 850gm going at RM40. (H 4.5cm x W 16.5cm)

All cake is SELF-PICK UP at 3 different locations
1) Menara TM (working days only)
2) Keramat AU2A or AU1A
3) Bandar Nusaputra

Other locations or if need to be posted, please contact me to discuss on it.

This cake kena kukus 8 jam nak perabih sebijik. And it comes with tonnes of rich fruits, almond and segala tok nenek rete lagi ok. It will last for 1 year(no joke) if u wrap in a foil and put in a tupperware inside a fridge or up to 4 months if x letak dlm fridge. MMg berbaloi.

Order closed on 10th September. This cake also available all year long. (gerenti sedap ok.)

U can place the order via

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