Monday, July 06, 2009

Beading Chiffon Silk RM200 each

Made by 100% Pure Chiffon Silk, this beading chiffon isdefinitely suitable to wear during hari raya, wedding ceremony and dinner. Comes with beautiful pattern and coloured diamond beads...some of it comes with sparkling effects...very very unique and elegant...Need lining and cannot machine wash. Usually the retail price is RM90 per meter, I\'m only selling at RM50 per meter. Dry clean only

Shipping RM5 each + RM3 for each additional items

BCD 72
(4.5 metre this one, so can do bajus exactly like model)

BCD 70

BCD 69

BCD 67

BCD 66

BCD 64

BCD 62

BCD 61

BCD 60

BCD 57

BCD 56

BCD 51

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