Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Important notice

Latest update: It has been cleared off by the Customs office. Expected to reach me by this afternoon so I shall be able to post all item by end of business day. Insya Allah

Dear all Buyer,

For those who already place their orders for the kain before 20th May 2009, there will be a delay in shipment of the item. Those items already reach KL last Monday, 26th May but it has been residing in KLIA Customs office till today. I have plead and arrange for the clearance but untill today they're making it hard.

I will sort this soon and sorry again for the delay.

Those impacted will be
1) Tyha (and friends)
2) Jiji
3) Afni
4) Intan
5) Effar
6) Mazuen

And for those who place your order after May 22nd, the shipment will leave Dubai in 2 days time.