Sunday, May 24, 2009



If anyone is interested in Abayas/Jalabiyas, Elisa's barang2bonda have a good stock of it.
Nonah would be receiving stock in hand soon as well, for the Gold Circle Abaya and Pink Jalabiya, for those whom might be interested to purchase these lovely Abayas/Jalabiyas.

50% of the profits of the products on Elisa's blog goes to Nonah's College fund, whom is a mutual friend of ours.

You could place your order through Nonah @ as well.

Postal costs not included in price of purchase!

(click on link for more information)
Yellow Brocade Jalabiya - RM 145

Pink Brocade Jalabiya - RM 145 

more selections available at Barang-barang Bonda's site :)
Thanks for your support!

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