Tuesday, March 31, 2009

tudung dubai features

These are the leftover stocks of our tudung dubai, guess a clearer image makes the decision to purchase even easier :)

Red Fuchsia D1T1 - RM 40
(this red fuchsia is lovely but the picture doesn't really reflect how nice the colour is)
Brown D1T1 - RM 40
Black D9T1 - RM 40
Cream D5T1 - RM 40
Baby Pink D3T1 - RM 40
Orange Brown D3T1 - RM 40
(my personal favaurite!)
Fuchsia D1T1 - RM40
(this is more of like dark pink :))
Apple Green T5 - RM 45
(this net material is very comfy to wear and the colours combination is just lovely, a bit of gold colour lined along some bits, which gives it a wee bit of sparkle around the dark colours)
Pink Queen T5 - RM 45
This net material tudung dubai, is a bit firmer compared to the other net tudung which is of soft material. The crown prints on it reminds me of the English Monarchy whenever I fold this lovely pink piece. 
thanks for your support!

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