Thursday, November 06, 2008

Ready stock in Hand Tudung Dubai

1 pcs only for each design
Type 1: Tudung Dubai with Patterns RM40 each
Type 5: Tudung Dubai with Net Material RM45 each

06/11 0345pm: Apple Green, Lilac and Dark brown SOLD

Fuschia T1

Beige T1

Beige T5

Dark Brown Purplish T5
Shipping rates apply as usual. Email for booking. Thank u


Anonymous said...

Tudung yg stok bulan july august n pre ramadhan tu ade lagi ker.. or semua dah selamat abiss

kaezrin said...

ader buleh try order nanti sy check stock ok...

zazue said...

In that case nak check kalau this list below ade:

beige 1T5
Grey 1T1
dubai 005
black grey abstrack
purple flowery

Do you have light blue yg lain other than poka dot?

zazue said...

anyway what is the diffrent between Net Material n yg biase tu... yg biase bukan dari net jugak ker?

kaezrin said...

zazue: i have opne baby blue in stock now...its very nice....

net tuh mmg jenis net macam lace tyope gitu yg biasa is like jersey style kain...can u give me ur email senang nak berurusan

et said...

ada lg x tudung pre-ramadhan-special-stock
1.brown 5 t1

yang Dark Brown Purplish T5 ada xgambr yg pakai kat patung ...sbb xnampak la dia nya corak cm mane

kaezrin said...

et: brown purplish sudah SOLD...brown 5T1 nanti saya check kay sbb system down la...sorry erkk stock saya check online..

zazue said...

ok .. do let me know bout the list tu ok.. my email

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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