Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stock Tudung Open House Raya

T1: Tudung Dubai with Patterns RM40
T2: Tudung Dubai Plain RM40
T3: Tudung Dubai with Opposite Patterns RM45
T4: Tudung Dubai New Style RM40
T5: Tudung Dubai with Net Material RM45
Pls note the following:-
  1. Please please READ the TERMS AND CONDITIONS before ordering. Remember, stock is not in my hand, all ordered as per requested from you TO my supplier in DUBAI.
  2. It will not reach you before raya, all will come after RAYA


iXa said...

ala mahalnye rm40. haritu beli kat tesco rm25.

kaezrin said...

hmmm sy ikut harga dr supplier lah..sorry

mommy said...

elin, tudung ni dpn dia mmg lembik ya? yg tagap sket ada?