Friday, August 29, 2008

Tora Datang Lagi

its coming back, the English Moist Traditional Fruit Cake. 8 jam kukus, home baked.

1) The usual 1.35kg going at RM60
2) The small size 850g going at RM42.

Sorry for the price increase I can't help it all things are super duper expensive. What with the need to be on gas for 8 hrs straight.

Mind u, this cake kena kukus 8 jam nak perabih sebijik. And it comes with tonnes of rich fruits, almond and segala tok nenek rete lagi ok.

As usual, self pick up at Keramat AU2, Bandar Nusaputra Puchong or Menara TM Bangsar. I can try to arrange for postage if u need it, subject to discussion becoz its heavy right. This cake also available all year long. (gerenti sedap ok.)

For those in Kuala Trengganu can get it from me 1-2 days before Raya.
U can place the order via as usual.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pre-Ramadhan special stock

Point to note:
T1 = Tudung Dubai with Patterns (RM40 each)
T5 = Tudung Dubai with Net Material (RM45 each)
Limited stock.
Pls read T&C before ordering.

p/s: U can still order SOME of the design from my previous post. Just place your request/order i will try to fulfil it.
OUT OF STOCK as of 28th august
Black 4 T1
Grey 1 T1

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Quick & Important

I am away from home and office since this morning until tomorrow evening.

First time leaving Khazin behind and so stressed out abt it.

We are having a workshop realignment shebang for the office in PD at this moment and the hotspot only working liker 5 minutes ago. And it's only at the lobby. Dang!

So, I shall be updating on the TUDUNG DUBAI when i get back to my soil a.s.a.p. SORRY for the delay. In the mean time, u can check out whatever on the site first.

Sorry again.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

gambar berani mati

nih rupa saya memakai tudung yg saya jual.

I think i look cute and gorjes :P

matilah perasan sendiri....

nih version malas sbb takde nak kelip2 just selit ajer bawah dagu, no brooch or pin at all. senang kan...and its not indon-like kan(no offense ok...i just feel like one kadang2 bila pakai tudung bukan bawal)

so marilah membeli tudung dubai di SALES BLOG saya

New stock will be updated by 26th August 2008

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Japanese Cotton from DUBAI -SOLD OUT

  1. Flowery Pinkish
  2. design 54

All kain RM100 except design 51, 52 and 53 for RM125.
Postage is RM7 per piece and additional RM2 for each piece for Klang Valley. Semenanjung Malaysia starts at RM8 per piece.
Term and conditions still applies as buying tudung dubai. Thank u

Latest Tudung for August

Normal Tudung Dubai RM40

Kontra Tudung Dubai RM45