Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lagi tudung dubai

Ladies and gents

These are the new stock, u have to be fast sbb ader 2-3 pieces each ajer. You can still request for the pattern from last batch too and I will check out for you. All tudung at RM4o each except for KONTRA is at RM45 each.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tudung Dubai Term and conditions

Kindly be informed on special Term and Condition for Tudung Dubai Pattern, Plain, Kontra and Lacey.
1) All tudung originated directly from a supplier from Dubai, UAE.

2) Shipment from Dubai to me will be twice in a month, so if u need it in hurry u have to carefully plan for it with me for customize ordering

3) It will take about 10 business day from Dubai to reach KL and I will take about 2-3 working days to get it all sort out to send it to u via POSLAJU.

4) I do not have the stock with me, I only order based on requested by YOU, so if u are not sure on it please make up your mind before it ok, OR , i will ended up with UNSOLD tudung.

5) I may not guarantee all tudung is in hand. Stock are selling like hot cakes because the supplier caters for everyone else too. So, there's a chance what u like will be OUT OF STOCK, I will let u know before hand so u may choose something else as your preferences.

6) Shipment from Dubai is borne by me, u just have to pay for the shipment from KL to ur place
  • Klang Valley: RM5 for 1 piece and additional RM1 for every piece
  • Semenanjung Malaysia: RM6 for 1 piece and additional RM1 for every piece
  • Sabah & Sarawak: RM7 for 1 piece and additional RM1 for every piece

7) Kindly refer to way of wearing the tudung for guidance (COMING SOON)


**please read the T&C before placing order**

TOP(Left to Right)
1) Black Blue Abstract
2) Black Grey Abstract
3) Black Grey Geometry *out of stock

BELOW(Left to Right)
1) Blue Geox
2) Blue Leopard
3) Bright Pink abstract

TOP(Left to Right)
1) Dark Blue Abstract-2
2) Dark Blue Geometry
3) Dark Green Stripey *out of stock

BELOW(Left to Right
1) Electric Blue Abstract
2) Gold Yellow Stripey *out of stock
3) Light Blue Polkadots2

TOP(Left to Right)
1) Lilac Pink Abstract
2) Lilac Satin Abstract
3) Maroon Purple Abstract

BELOW(Left to right)
1) Pale Blue Abstract *out of stock
2) Peach Abstract
3) Peach Stripey

Top(Left to Right)
1) Rose Pink Abstract
2) Rose Pink Flowery
3) Rose Pink Net *out of stock

Below(Left to Right)
1) Turquoise Blue Abstract
2) Turquoise Flowery
3) Turquoise Stripey

Tudung Dubai Plain (RM40 each)

**please read the T&C before placing order** TOP(Left to Right)
1) Baby Pink

2) Beige
3) Black

Below(Left to Right)
1) Blue
2) Blue Black

3) Brown

TOP(Left to Right)
1) Creme
2) Dark Red
3) Dusty Purple

Below(Left to Right)
1) Fuchsia
2) Green
3) Grey

TOP(Left to Right)
1) Light Brown
2) Light Green
3) Light Pink

Below(Left to Right)
1) Lilac
2) Peach Brown
3) Purple

TOP(Left to Right)
1) Red

Below(Left to Right)
1) Turqoise Green Net
2) White

Tudung Dubai Lacey (RM40 each)

**please read the T&C before placing order** Top(Left to Right)
1) Black
2) Baby Blue
3) Baby Pink

Bottom(Left to Right)
1) Bright pink
2) Brown
3) Gold
1) Lilac
2) Maroon
3) White