Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Authentic Tudung Dubai Part 2 (SOLD OUT)

1) Dubai dark blue abstrack 2)Dubai Dark Blue Geometry
3)Dubai Dark Blue Geometry 2
4) Dubai Dark Blue Geometry 2_1
5)Dubai Dark Green Geometry - book by zaitul
6) Dubai Dark Green Stripey
7) Dubai Grey Geometry - book by fara Azha
8) Dubai Grey Geometry-2

9) Dubai White Black Polkadots
10) Dubai White Black Polkadots
11) Dubai Pink Kontra- book by Ja
12) Dubai Pink
13) Dubai Lilac Pink Stamp
1) Each tudung is selling at RM40
2) Postage is RM5 for each tudung to Lembah Klang (KL & Selangor) and RM6 for other states. Additional RM1 for additional tudung.
3) Self pick up is at Menara TMPublish Post
4) Kindly reserve via or comment box

Authentic Tudung Dubai Part 1(SOLD OUT)

1) TD01 Dubai Black White stripey - book by hanis 2) TD02 Dubai Brown Peach Abstract - book by ja

3) TD03 Dubai Brown Polkadots - book by mrs reader

4) TD04 Dubai Black Grey 2

5) TD05 Dubai Black Grey 2-1 - book by Jas
6) TD06 Dubai Black Purple - book by farah
7) TD07 Dubai Black white abstract - book by julie 8) TD08 Dubai Baby Blue Polkadots
9) TD09 Dubai Black Blue - book by farah
10) TD10 Dubai Black Brown - book by fara Azha
11) TD11 Dubai Black Geomatry-book by zaitul12) TD12 Dubai Black Grey

1) Each tudung is selling at RM40
2) Postage is RM5 for each tudung to Lembah Klang (KL & Selangor) and RM6 for other states. Additional RM1 for additional tudung.
3) Self pick up is at Menara TM
4) Kindly reserve via or comment box

Monday, May 26, 2008

OSh kosh and Timberland shoes (SOLD)

My son detest shoes and sandals. He only wants Crocs ..all about crocs. Stress ok. All shoes and sandals in posession gone down the drain. So i am letting all go!

1) Oshkosh b gosh shoes
Brand new tag in tact
In box
Sale price RM50 inclusive of shipment
Size 8US and 7UK

2) Timberland Sandals
- Bought in Dubai
- Size 8 US/7 UK
- Brand new
- No box as I throw it went I wanna bring it back
- Lawa banget
- Sale price RM70 inclusive shipment
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BNWT short pants (ALL SOLD)

1) B Bush Brand new with tag.
-Sale price RM25

2) Guess Short pants
-tag still in tact
-sale price RM35
3) Marks & Spencer Checkers Pants
- From M&S Al Wafi City, Dubai
-sale price RM20

Shipping and handling starts at RM6 per item, each additional item add RM1
Kindly rsvp or book at or comment box
Other T&C pls refer the right hand side bar of the blog
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Thursday, May 22, 2008

books galore

So much that I love my book, I am desperately need to de-clutter my book rack. Here is the deal:

  • Book is in a good condition, excellent looking. I just have my initial and some date scribble on each front page of each book.

  • Pick up point will be starting 2nd June, Menara TM bangsar during weekdays or Bandar Nusaputra , Puchong weekend.
  • Postage is available in 2 choices 1) Poslaju RM5(1 book), Rm7 for 2 books, Rm8 for 3 books. If its more I will quote you later . 2) Normal post but NO guarantee on delivery ranging from RM1 on wards. Anyway this rates only for semenanjung malaysia, Sabah and Swk will be consulted via email.
  • I may need to charge some handling charges if applicable.
  • Discount will be given if u buy more than 3 books which we will negotiate further.

  • email me at or leave a comment for bookings or negotiation

So the books are:-

a) The little black book series. Normal Retail price is Rm19.90 but I am selling at Rm14 each. Login to to get review abt all this titles. More books to come on this.

  1. Singletini by Amanda Trible (Book by Miyyah)
  2. Step on it cupid by Lorelai Mathias (book by Wai)
  3. I take this man by Valerie Frankel (book by kartini)
  4. Confessions of an Air Hostess by Marisa Mackle (Book by Miyyah)

  5. The Balance Thing by Margaret Dumas (book by Wai)

  6. She'll Take it by Mary Carter (book by kartini)

  7. He loves Lucy by Susan Donovan (SOLD)

  8. How to sleep with a movie star by Kristin Harmel
  9. Forget about it by Caprice Crane

  10. My three husband by Swan Adamson (sold)

  11. Lost for words by Lorelei Mathias

  12. I'm in no mood for love by rachel Gibson

b) And various other books

  1. The guy not taken by Jeniffer Weiner RM37.50 selling at RM27 (Book by Miyyah)

  2. Still thinking of you by Adele Parks RM32.95 selling at RM24 (Book by Jiji)

  3. the wonder spot by Melissa bank RM32.95 selling at RM24

  4. having it and eating it by sabrina durrant RM32.95 selling at RM24

  5. Don't try this at home by Katie Pearson RM35.90 selling at RM26 (Book by Jiji)

  6. Getting rid of Matthew by Jane Fallon RM38.50 selling at RM28

  7. Wish by Melina Gerosa Bellows RM39 selling at RM28

  8. The bad mother's handbook by kate Long selling at RM10 (book by syara)

  9. Princess of Park Avenue by Daniella Brodsky RM39.50 selling at 28 (book by jiji)