Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Fruit cake is back in town

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The cake is back in town

Order now open and u can start for self indulgence before raya too....

  • 1) Custom big size 1.4kg going at RM 75
  • 2) The medium size 900gm going at RM 55

All cake is SELF-PICK UP at 4 different locations
1) Menara TM (working days only)
2) Bandar Setiawangsa (nearby Sek Keb Setiawangsa)
3) Bandar Nusaputra
4) My KT house in Padang Midin (last few days before raya)

For other locations please contact me to discuss on it.

And I DO CATER For POSTAGE TOO and we can arrange for delivery (off course buyer has to bear the cost of postage and delivery)

If u wanna use or present this as one item in your hamper raya gifts or etc, we may work on it too. If u are lucky we may give u customized size.

This cake kena kukus 8 jam nak perabih sebijik. And it comes with tonnes of rich fruits, almond and segala tok nenek rete lagi ok. It will last for 1 year(no joke) if u wrap in a foil and put in a tupperware inside a fridge or up to 4 months if x letak dlm fridge. MMg berbaloi.

U can place the order via  and it commence from now...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

In Valise - unveil your dreams

I am so proud to kick off the year of 2013 by announcing on these blogspace the birth of 

unveil your dreams

As you know I have been going in and out for few times last year part of if was due to In Valise. My partner and myself we went out to personally shop for goods as requested by handbag and shoes lover out there. but it doesnt stop at those 2 only. Anything under the roof that still in our means to bring it back here we will come back. In other words, we are your personal shopper on the loose to unveil all your dreams.

So to celebrate the soft launch of In Valise in the online market presence, we are making a special trip this month end to bring back more goodies and offer our service once again to those who just could not get enough of all these. 

Anyone with the fancy smartphones, time to put it for a good cause. Install Instagram app and please follow us on InValise Instagram. 

For those who didnt get the chance to view from the phone, you can also view the IG on the website and you will be landed on INVALISE PAGE.

My partner and myself really appreciate the support that coming from my blog readers specifically. Please continue to support and spread the words about us. 

Remember to email us to place for your order for all the european brands. We are always at your service.

Toodles peeps.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Updates on European Order

These are some of the items that caught the eyes to some of you out there. 

It should be an honor to bring these lovely babies to you soon. 

And those who still wants to order, fret not, there's still space for you to fill up. Just email me as usual and I shall get back to u. 

Enjoy :))